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From:  Eric Louviere
Lake Travis, Texas

Dear "Soon-To-Be-High-Ticket-Business-Owner" —

90% of people who want to earn big online will NEVER even get a landing page or squeeze page up and online (ever)... much less a full-blown (fully functional) and professional business like this here!

Show-up with nothing but a winning attitude and leave with a full-blown (PROFESSIONAL) business of your own!  

Get leads the first week it goes live, start accepting customers immediately and shoot for a quick six figure (PASSIVE) income online, while putting in (part-part) time to do this.  I'm talking "on the side" type time to make as much as 10k... to 20k... or more per month (that should be your aim with this full blown business of yours!)

Do You Already Have Your Own Online Business Locked, Loaded And Earning For You Right Now?

If NOT, Then Why Not?

Well, after being in this business for over 20 years straight, and coaching thousands of people to six figures, I can tell you why...

Here are the main reasons people 
never get a full blown business online:

→  Don't know how!  Clueless and lost and need personal help to do this correctly!

→  Cannot do the technical correctly...

→  Cannot do the copywriting or sales videos or sales, period

→  Cannot pick the right hot market and make final decisions to go for it confidently

→  Cannot create compelling, professional trainings and content for paying customers

→  Cannot connect the dots between the squeeze page, marketing emails, sales page, order form, etc.  Totally lost how to do that correctly!

→  Cannot get leads or traffic or prospects consistently!

→  Cannot craft a winning strategy or profitable smoking hot offer customers want!

→  Cannot convert leads into paying customers, just crickets.

→  Cannot setup a squeeze page or auto responder system to email prospects to buy!

→  Cannot get out of their own way, distracted, lost, confused, frustrated and paralyzed from taking bold, confident action the right way!

→  Cannot setup a members area or course for customers to consume the trainings

→  Cannot even do................ step one! 

I Will Set-You-Up With A Full Blown, Professionally Crafted, (BEAUTIFUL!!) Online Business Of Your Own!!

...  This Business Of Yours Is *Very Well Done* And It Comes With All The Bells And Whistles... You Will Be Very Proud Of Your New Online Business, Indeed!

Here is what you get:

★  Eric Louviere's Personal Help, Mentoring And Hand Holding Guidance

★  A free lead magnet to give away free to get email subscribers (i.e. a free report, masterclass video, audio series, etc.)

★  A squeeze page to give the freebie away (lead magnet) and capture email subscribers so you can build an email list (where the money is!)

★  We do ALL of the technical for you to setup your squeeze page so it’s live and done professionally

★  We do the design for your squeeze page so it looks professional

★  We connect your auto-responder account to your squeeze page so you have an auto responder email list to market to for years to come

★  We load-up your auto responder email marketing system with 10 emails you can drip out to your email subscribers to sell them your offers. These emails go out automatically and creates residual income for you (passive income). We handle the first 10 for you (about two weeks of emails dripping out to new email subscribers)

★  We setup your sales page or sales video page for you. We do the design, the technical and we do the copywriting for you.  You can tweak it and edit it as time goes on... adding to it... but it's ready to accept orders and is professionally done right away!

★  Eric coaches you on every step and element to earning big with your new business!!

★  We setup your backend system, and perform all the technical work A to Z, all done for you! We do the entire design and everything needed so you have a full blown business of your own, live and functional!

★  We setup your order form shopping cart so you can receive payments (via Stripe or PayPal, etc)

★  You get Eric's content and training to sell as your own (private label rights) and you keep 100% of the income!  This content is amongst the best in the world for (online marketing, coaching, getting leads, traffic, copywriting, conversions, sales, high ticket marketing, etc).  We load up your members area with trainings Eric recorded for VIP clients!  This is first-class, top shelf trainings your customers will love, love, love!

★  You can resell/sell your program from 47 per month, to 97 per month, or sell it for high ticket up front costs of 1500, 2500, on up to 10k each! The trainings are worth 10k upfront and people have paid 10k+ for this exact trainings you get to sell as your own!  HUGE!

★  EVERYTHING is included!  Nothing is left out!  This is a full blown, professional business!!  The kind you can sell in one pop (sell the entire business and cash out)

★  Show-up with nothing but a good attitude and leave with a full blown 100% business of your own that is live, functional and able to earn you income immediately! 

★  Market it for years to come and the sky is the limit on earnings! 

★  You can even sell the entire business for one buyout price to someone who wants to buy an established existing business. It’s your business, 100%!

★  Eric will train you on getting leads and you'll be getting leads the first week it goes live!

★  Your business is ready for customers the first week!

★  Earn a hefty income with this passive, residual, fully functional online business!! You get direct access to Eric (who has made tens of millions online for 20 years now personally helping you earn six figures)

In A Nutshell, Recap 
On What You Get:

📌  Eric Louviere's Personal Mentoring And Help

📌  Your Own Squeeze Page To Build An Email List

📌  Technical Work Done For You, All Of It!

📌  Fill Up Your Email Marketing With 10 Emails Written For You To Drip Out

📌  Your Own Sales Page & Sales Video Done For You (HUGE!!!!)

📌  Copywriting Done For You

📌  Order Form And Shopping Cart Done For You! Connected To Your PayPal Or Stripe Or Merchant Account

📌  Your Own Members Area For Your Customers To Consume The Trainings (Content!)

📌  Oh, Oh, And You Get Eric Louviere's Own Content & Trainings For Your Customers To Consume!  This Is Enough To Sell For $2,500 to $5,000+ Per Customer And You Keep 100% Of The Income!!

📌  All Is Included!

Here's What You'll Discover From 
Eric's Mentoring You & Trainings:

✓  How to get all the leads and prospects you can handle, on demand and even without advertising

✓  Discover Eric’s “LinkedIn System” for getting high end clients

✓  The 3 main ways to get clients and how to do eac™️h, step by step! (huge!)

✓  (Optional) All about Facebook™️ advertising (point by point) and how to do it

✓  The number one mistake people make with Facebook™️ ads and why they fail

✓  How to run ads on a tiny budget and then ramp up to earn more and more profits

✓  How to close people on high ticket prices, without ever talking to them

✓  How to get clients from content marketing (step by step)

✓  The millionaire mindset and why it’s critical to your success

✓  How to think affluently and get affluent clients

✓  How to get all the traffic and leads you can handle

✓  How to outsource and free yourself up even more!  More freedom!  More passive income!

✓  How to make automatic income with your email list

✓  How to make this side business as hands-off and turnkey and passive as humanly possible (so it will be extremely attractive to sell or flip the entire business!)

✓  Ongoing training from Eric Louviere on how to earn more and more with your business and scale it higher and higher, while automating it all more and more!

✓  ERIC's QUICK START BLUEPRINT to take your brand new online business to 10k per month in less than 21 days!  (21 Days To 10k Per Month Step By Step Trainings!)

Eric, What Is The Niche Market And What Will The Program Provide Customers With?

The main niche for the training content and your new program is:

-- Make Money Online (How To Make Six Figures Online With Niche Marketing)

-- Making money with niche marketing

-- How to earn as a coach or consultant or expert (influencer)

-- How to earn with your own online digital agency

Keep in mind, there are several sub-niches and angles you can go with any of these.  For example, you could go with the pitch/angle of "How To Make Money With High Ticket Offers"...

Or example can be any of the following:

-- How to earn up to six figures with your own course and group coaching program

-- How to earn money as a Joint Venture Affiliate

-- How to get leads online using LinkedIn...

There are 1,000 different ways you could go... unlimited niche angles to pick from really.  

You'll be provided with a core sales letter and angle for making six figures online, and you can tweak it, edit it and change it over time... as you go along... adding to it, editing it, adjusting it, etc.

I provide you with a full blown (READY for accepting new customers) and you can take it and own it and tweak it from that point forward however you see fit!

We can even do the tweaks for you ongoing (as an option) for months/years to come (your choice)


(1) Either Stay Where You Are And Go Waste Another Year Spinning Your Wheels Getting Nowhere Fast...

Or .......

(2) Take A Leap Of Faith And Join Me Now To Get Your Own Online (Full Blown) Professional Business 
Setup And Done For You (Finally!) So You Can 
Start Earning Windfalls Online Immediately!!!!




If you would like to join us and explore this opportunity further with me (Eric Louviere) then please fill out the form below and I'll email you or text with you...



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